On this site, I will introduce you to the characters and worlds of my novels, IT GIVES YOU STRENGTH, and HARVESTING EARTHLINGS FOR FUN AND PROFIT. Both are a mash up of science-fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. 


IT GIVES YOU STRENGTH is set in New York during prohibition.  An alien scientist is sent on a rescue mission to the primitive planet Earth, only to wind up in a mob war over control of the bootleg whiskey route from Canada to NYC. In STRENGTH, the fictional characters interact with actual actual historical figures, including mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond, heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, and in WW1 heroine Edith Cavell. For more information about the plot see the about the book page.


In HARVESTING EARTHLINGS FOR FUN AND PROFIT it is eight years later, the height of the Great Depression. The Alien is now hiding in NYC, a refugee. The Idyllic planet Dagan is now run by a ruthless dictator, who plans to kidnap Earthlings to fight in an intergalactic version of the Roman Coliseum.  To thwart the dictator the Alien elicits the aid of fictional characters and actual historical figures J. Edgar Hoover, Jack Dempsey and Edith Cavell.  The book is set in Washington DC, Chicago, New York, and the fictional planet Dagan.


For more information about my novels, please read the about the book pages herein

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“A Highly entertaining mashup of History and Sci-fi.”  
—Emerald Book Reviews;

The Great Depression,1934;  The alien returns to Earth, a refugee.  The alien’s home planet is now ruled by a ruthless dictator, who intends to enslave Earthlings to fight in an intergalactic version of the Roman Coliseum. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MN1KK7K


about the book


On a rescue mission to the distant planet Earth in 1926, an alien scientist, Tashan Zho,  is transported into the dying body of bootlegger Ryan Costello. Upon his death, Costello’s body is reanimated by the alien, and endowed with supernatural powers. Unfortunately, the body is so damaged from years of alcohol abuse that the alien’s memory and his vital files are corrupted. All that remains of his mission plan is one phrase: “Find the one called Mike Kelly.”
Complicating matters, the alien soon discovers that Kelly is the leader of a criminal gang of World War veterans, who are battling mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond for control of the lucrative Canada/New York rum-running market. Upon recognizing Costello's enhanced abilities and physical strength, Kelly forces the alien into the mob. Since Kelly is his only chance of discovering and completing his mission, the alien agrees.  Costello soon learns his crucial task - to free an alien child from the infamous Craig Colony before his home world dispatches its  “rescue armada.” A force so massive that its mere entry into the Earth’s atmosphere would devastate the planet.   


about the book


“Harvesting Earthlings for Fun and Profit” is the sequel to the 2020 novel “It Gives You Strength”.  “Strength” followed alien anthropologist Tashan Zho as he traveled to New York on a rescue mission,  in 1926  during the height of Prohibition. In NY, Zho was caught between rival bootleggers fighting for control of the New York to Canada smuggling markets. 


In “Harvesting Earthlings for Fun and Profit” it is 1934 and Dr. Zho’s once idyllic planet Dagan is now ruled by a brutal dictator. Zho is now a refugee hiding on the primitive planet Earth to escape Dagan. Of course, in 1934 the United States was in the throes of the Great Depression and Dr. Zho experiences a very different America this trip. The novel also builds the world of Zho’s home planet Dagan, where the Dictator Arixn is using an interstellar  version of the Roman Coliseum to divert the attention of the citizens of Dagan from the fact that their civil rights have been severely eroded. 


Like Strength, “Harvesting Earthlings” is a mashup of historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Set in 1934, the fictional characters interact with actual historical figures like J. Edgar Hoover, Jack Dempsey, Clark Gable, Edith Cavell, and mobsters John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Baby Face Nelson.


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