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Author Stacy Hawks, host of The Writing Wall Podcast, gives Harvesting Earthlings Five Stars.

We are starting to receive reviews for “Harvesting Earthlings for Fun and Profit”. Award winning author and host of The Writing Wall Podcast, Stacy Hawks, wrote this Five Star review on the Goodreads website:

“Philip Raymond Brown does it again in this action-packed, fun, historical sci-fi mashup featuring familiar characters from his debut novel It Gives You Strength like Tashan Zho and the great Mike Kelly. His ability to combine details about Hoovervilles, the need for soldiers to receive money for their families as promised by the government during the Great Depression, and an the alien invader who wants to include Earthlings in his coliseum-like games is extraordinary. The author touches on the historical significance of Prohibition & the New Deal while introducing figures such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt into his plot, and holds the reader's interest making them want to learn more about the period the book has been set.

The evolution of his characters is also felt throughout the story, especially that of

Tashan Zho. For children, I can think of no better way to introduce a love of history other than to infuse it into a rich storyline as seen, and created, by author Philip Raymond Brown in this sequel. Harvesting Earthlings, just like It Gives You Strength is one of those novels that, no matter the readers' ages, can be enjoyed from beginning to end. I look forward to reading more books by Brown who has broken through this genre with a depth that can only be described as engrossing, and highly recommend his novels to lovers of history & sci-fi alike.”


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