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Evan Harris to Narrate Audiobook of IT GIVES YOU STRENGTH

The creative team behind the novel, IT GIVES YOU STRENGTH, is delighted to announce that they have retained actor Evan Harris to narrate the Audiobook of the science fiction/historical fiction/fantasy mashup novel. STRENGTH is the story of an alien scientist sent to Earth in 1926 who winds up caught in the middle of a mob war over the Canada to New York rum-running market.  

Harris is ideally suited to narrate this book. A veteran of over twenty audiobooks, he is a familiar voice to Science Fiction Fans. Among his more notable achievements, Harris narrated three volumes of Rick Partlow’s The Birthright Series.  Harris also narrated Anthony Strong’s What Vengeance Comes and Dead Soil by Alex Apostol.  Evans has also narrated the audiobooks for numerous historical fiction and fantasy novels.

A veteran stage actor, Evans is also a co-creator/co-host of The Bearded Ones podcast.  

Although sales of the ebook are on Pre-Order on Amazon, the Book launches in all formats, including the Audiobook, during the week of August 17, 2020.

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