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Important Questions and Answers about the Amazon Pre-Order

Several people have asked what products are available during the Pre-order. The answer is that the Pre-order is for Amazon Kindle e-books only (although by downloading the Kindle app, you can read the ebook on an I-Pad.) Here are the answers to the other questions that I commonly receive. 

Q. Can I read the Amazon Kindle e-book on my I-Pad?

A. Yes. I don't own a Kindle. You can download the Kindle app and read the Amazon e-book on your IPAD. I read e-books on my Apple iPad, which has the Kindle app on it, synced to my Amazon account. So I buy books from Amazon and read them on my Apple device with the Kindle app.

Q. What if I want an e-book but don't want a Kindle e-book?

A. If you want an e-book but don't want a Kindle product, you can order the e-book on 8/17 on the Ingram Sparks website. 

Q. What if I don't want an e-book but want to purchase your book in a different format?

A. If you don't want an e-book but want a different format, you will be able to purchase the book on 8/17 through Amazon or Ingram Sparks on paperback, hardback or audiobook. (Although it won't count toward the pre-order, it still is a sale of my book).

Q. How does purchasing your book during the pre-order period help you personally?

A. Two ways. First, I sell a book. Thank you. Second, all the books ordered during the pre-order period are sold the week of August 17. So if you all purchase this book for the very low discounted price I have set for the pre-order, for at least a week, the book may be among the best sellers on Amazon in specific categories. This should give it a marketing bounce for the duration of its sales. 

So, since you'll be spending less than you'd pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, please pre-order it and encourage all your friends and relatives to pre-order it!

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